What is included in a background check?

There are an array of checks that can be done one a candidate as it is up to the customer to choose from the list of checks . Eg : Employment History Verification , Personal Credit Check etc..

Please contact us for more details .

How much do background checks cost ?

The cost of the background checks varies as the type of checks that are being done .

Why background screening is important ?

It provides peace of mind.
You never want to wonder about whether or not you can trust an employee. Background checks can help you dodge common worries (Is my employee a violent criminal? Is my employee a fraud? Is my employee a thief? Etc.) and give you the peace of mind you need to run your business efficiently.

How long is the background screening process ?

In most cases employment background check reports are complete in one to three business days from the time we receive the order. However, the process can be delayed for several reasons.

Does my company require pre-employment screening ?

If you as an employer are running a financial client-based service dealing with sensitive data and information,  it is a standard guideline by Bank Negara Malaysia that institutions as such those carry checks on its pre-employment candidates. However, it is recommended that all companies adopt and implement this industry practice to further achieve a proven global standard .

What is a background check ?

A background check is a review of a person’s commercial, criminal and (occasionally) financial records.

How can background screening help my business ?

It can severely reduce risk mitigated by your company. Less risk of negligent hiring , saving your company on both direct and indirect cost of rehiring .

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